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GAME RECAP #20: Nucks Win - 1st Rocky Mt. Loss - Get Avalanched 5-2

November 23, 2023
- jimmi

We had high hopes. But they came up short. Damn metric hopes.

Looked like a high speed tussle of the conference titans to start. Or maybe that was just the pregame hype.

What was familiar was being tied 2-2 after 2. And not bringing it in the 3rd. Seems like we just saw that recently...

Canucks played well in the 1st, got the 1st goal. Hogz scores after some hard board work by him, Beau and Laff. Things were looking good.

Except that it was the Nucks 1st and last lead of the game. Avs came back and scored twice to lead 2-1 after 1. Dammit.

Canucks might want to spend some time in the Avs end


In the 2nd, it was the big battle of the special refs teams. Avs took a big bundle of penalties. Unfortunately, the zero percent in last 8 10 chances Nucks PP went for more zeroes, despite their brief 5-on-3.

Keystone cops power plays.


The refs, however, had to make up some make up calls and Nucks lost the sinbin lotto, for... reasons.

Refs really struggling with catching things correctly this game, fans really struggling with reality


Yet, 4-on-4 Millise scores an amazing power forward goal. Late in the 2nd and it's a tie game. Yay!


You beauty


In the 3rd tho... while pressing for the Nucks 3rd goal, Miffler got Makar'd at the blueline... as did Demko on Makar's breakaway goal. Nucks down 4-2.

I don't know that I want to watch this..


But wait! There's more. Because of probable mathematical improbabilities, Nucks give up an EN for the 5-2 loss. How many times will the Nucks lose 5-2 this season? 52? 5.2 times? We don't know.


Nucks made too many mistakes and Avs made fewer. The Avs capitalized on the Nucks mistakes. Nucks didn't/couldn't pounce on the Avs mistakes or stop making their own.

The GWG for the Avs was the most Taco'd egregious mistake for the Nucks. Taco said it was a gift. And Kuz and Ronnie were likely the most giving. Compounded by Cole getting pushed in to Demmers, rather than clearing the crease. Fugly goal and the Nucks recent record of catch-up hockey in the 3rd needs more ketchup. And salsa. And spicy plays.


Nucks lost another another member of the D-pleted defense corp in the 2nd. Friedman was cut above the eye and didn't return. Then in the 3rd, Myers took a shot in the hand/forearm and had to leave the game.

At time of doomscrolling, don't have a status update on either.


The Nucks kept up with one the best teams in the league - pretty much. They pushed the Avs to elevate their game. Dammit.

However, Petey is not playing like Petey, for lower body issues or something something. Against the Avs, the top line needed to be at their best. They weren't. Kuz wasn't playing harder in the D-zone as Taco requested and worse, is snakebitten, altho Miki had a glorious chance in the 1st that was only a minor snake bite. Pete lost his battles with Makar. And worse, Huggie didn't impose his will on the game as Makar did. Dammit.

Without the full complement on the back end, the Tough Taco Footey defense isn't as sharp and tough as it was last month.

On the road, the PP must deliver at a rate of slightly higher than 0%. Ok, much more than slightly.

Oh well... it's not like Westy and Kent didn't say they'd be ok with the Nucks playing 500 hockey all the way to May. Fine. It's arrived. Dammit.


Shortie sitting high in the booth with Ray.



Brief road presser.

We had lots of shots - just couldn't get a handle on a couple and then...

And then on the 3rd goal - gotta stop in the slot there - and they score that goal - that's the one you gotta play good defense... and uh... we gave 'em that one.

On the road again...

The Nucks are going downhill - no, really. Nucks seem be on a course correction - their 108.8 PDO of last month has dropped below .98.

And now the Nucks are dropping low into Seatown on Friday. And the road Nucks have to deliver a winning response to getting Krak'd last week in the ROG. It's a big swing game. Win and the Nucks have a cushion. Lose and the I-fivalry is back on.

Time for the Nucks to 'meet pressure with pressure' - one of Taco's Tough axioms.


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