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GAME RECAP #18: Nucks Win - 1st Home Regulation Loss - Get Kraked 4-3

November 18, 2023
- jimmi

At least it wasn't a 5-2 loss.

But is was a sloppy loss - a tired loss, perhaps. And now it's a sloppy 2 game L-streak.

That's just great. We know where that can go... and we don't want to return.

Nucks scored the 1st goal of the game. In the 1st period. That's good. Held the commanding 1 goal lead into the 1st intermission.

However, in the 2nd, the former Canucks owned and operated period, Nucks sloppy changes cost the lead... Pete was tired at the end of his extended shift, just wants to get off the ice - his guy just wants to score. And does.

Canucks score one in the 2nd, but the Krak score 2. That makes it ummm... math.... oh... it's a 2-2 tie. That's not so bad. Nucks could win this game in the 3rd.

If they played the Tough Taco Tactics early in the 3rd or at least the full panic-press of the last 2 mins for at least 10 minutes might have worked.

Instead the Nucks let the Kraks exert all the pressure and get the goals as a result of Nucks sloppy play. The GWG was easily preventable, but Nucks sloppy play made Demmers pay.

Either the Nucks are a good team and good teams don't lose two three games in a row. Or the alternative is the great start was Taco's Bruce Bump.

To be fair, which is really hard, because we've heard all the the tired excuses about being tired, it's not just this stupid schedule with more road than home, it's also BC Ferries sailing away with Soucy and Suter.

At least now we know it wasn't so much Gnarly driving the 3rd line bus, it was Suter keeping the rubber on the road - the road to the net.

Neither Quinn nor Ronnie had a good game. Quinn got a great goal... but post game he sounded tired - mentally emotionally and physically.

Oh well... at NM we're tough. We can take the Nucks giving away game after game to division rivals. That's our jam. Fermented Nucks fans expiative jam.


HNIC(ish) game, but at least Shortie tried to keep our spirits bright.



First up, Cole talks about being tired.

Finally Taco Talks Tough about his players. Calling them all out and no mercy for Kuz, neither.

Until tonight, the Nucks had only lost 2 consecutive games in the early season. Now they've done it twice.

On Monday, the Sharks are in the ROG tank. Couple weeks ago, we might have been gleefully anticipating another 10 goal outburst. Now, we'd be happy if the Nucks could win 3-2. Although... 5-2 would help the DIFF chart and make us call the numerology hotline more often that we have in the past week.

But after Monday, Nucks are back on the road, first to mile high hockey and the back to Seatown and a dip in the Shark Tank next Saturday.

Time to put on our NM big boys drinking jerseys. Try not to spill.


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