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Defeat Old Bo's Team 4-3 in OT

November 15, 2023
- jimmi

Bo is back in town! Great homecoming for Bo. Even better for us.

Wasn't expecting this to be an easy game now that BC Ferries are ferrying our D-corp. And sure enough it wasn't easy. Especially to start.

This Canucks defense needs a couple quick goals to make the night easier


Except... Cole was trying to set records while the Nucks were trying to catch up to eastern jet lag.

Ian Cole now has 2 penalties...

an Cole is 2 for 2 ..

2-0 Isles

Shades of '82


That's not the 2 goals we were hoping for. However, it was the only 2 PP goals for the Isles. Not just in the 1st, but all periods. 2-0 Old Bo's team after one. Bo was getting teared up during his tribute. He was a stalwart during the dark times of the dark general sorcerer, JB.

However, the refs decided this would be a special night. For special teams. Nucks get an early PP in the 2nd and JT pots his 10th of the season. 2-1 Isles. Nucks are coming back.

However, old Bo is getting his moment of momentary GWGness. Back 'n forth play with Barzell and Bo beats Demmers. 3-1 Isles. Who love to take penalties.

This time on the Nucks PP, it's a pass from Miller to Brock who launched his shot to make it 3-2 Isles after 2.

In the 3rd the refs slipped into a tad into homers - Kuz was slashed and a tripped - on the same play.

It's a 5-on-3. Unfortunately, Kuz was rewarded with his good penalty drawing with a hot shot in the face from Miller.

Anyhow, word is Kuz is doing better than expected. Taco says he was walking with his own legs and most of his face. Update tomorrow.

Anyhow while the Nucks wasted most of the 5-on-3, until Ronnie joined Huggie in the final 20 seconds, because Kuz was busy walking it off. Quinn setup Ronnie for the 108mph game tieing goal. His 1st goal as a Canuck.

As awesome as that shot was, Capt'n Huggie's GWG in OT was a thing of precision puck placing poetry. Great setup from Miller. Quinn's 2nd GWG this season and 5th of his career.


Cole bailed out Demmers - better alternate goalie than Myers. 5th time this year Cole has saved a goal when the puck was on the goal line. Some redemption from the 1st period extended stay in Myer's summer cottage.

Also Demmers bailed out Demmers when he misunderestimated the puck trajectory when clearing it behind his net. Clearing attempt went clear an Isle who saw the gaping open net and shot. Demmers scrambled back to make the sit back save. His .909 SV% isn't his best, but good enough for the win.


The Tough Taco Canucks are now #1 in the division! I'm not making it up! Here's the photographic evidence.

Here's a league-wide stat:

Pete with 26 points, is tied as the NHL point leader.

With Miller and Huggie!

The top 3 point leaders in the entire NHL are all Canucks! No, really.

The Canucks are now 12-3-1 after 16 games! Best start ever? Feels like it.


Shortie and Dave are back in the ROG and we're listening.


13 1st 14
9 2nd 14
11 3rd 12
0 OT 3
33 TOTAL 43




Nice win - take 'em

Philly's got a great shot - don't think any goalie could have stopped that goal.

We were a little sloppy in the 1st, but mood was good - we're 2 down and there's plenty of time left

We do have to manage his (Quinn - 29+ minutes) minutes tho. This a marathon, not a sprint. But tonight, you can't take the guy off the ice - 12 mins of power play time.You gotta put him on the powerplay.

Wonderful homecoming for Bo, great comeback for the Tough Taco Nucks.

Can it get any better?

Sure. Nucks are off on a crazy single game road trip to Cowtown tomorrow, where they can extend their division leading lead.

Would it be greedy to expect ask for 4 more wins by the end of game 20? Maybe, but after the doldrums of nearly a decade, we're fine with more juicy wins. Let's go!


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