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Spill, Splash 'n Burn McOil 6-2

November 7, 2023
- jimmi


That was the McOil's plan to start their revenge game in the ROG.

And they executed it pretty much.

Oilers on a least for the first 30 seconds.


Oil leapt out to an early 1-0 lead on their (formerly) legendary PP. Only had to put 20 shots on Demmers to get that commanding lead.

A lead they held for about 5 minutes. Then the Tough Taco Nucks decided to play tough, fast and precise.

Capt'n Huggie put the comeback on his stick and bounced it off an Oil defender in the soon-to-be well Oiled net. Just the 3rd Nucks shot of the period. Couple minutes later, Suter and Joshua run a slick passing play up the ice and Suter puts a shot past Skinner. On the 4th Nucks shot of the period.

Precision and shot efficiency. There should be a stat for that. We can ask Westy - he makes up some fancy stats that are logical and incomprehensible.

2-1 Nucks. Couple minutes later, Nucks on their PP and Brock beats Skinner for the rebound and the GWG. Not making it up.

3-1 Canucks after 1.

3min 22secs here = 3're welcome


82 joined the gamethread briefly - was suffering under DownUnder fever... which he explained clearly to us...

Melbourne Cup I've been punting on Race 1 through 6. 25 mins til the Race That Stops The Nation. I'm on Gold Trip...with my roughie being Absurde


Thanks for clearing that up.

Meanwhile.... The game is over. No, really. Miller has frustrated McD and JT is just getting started.

In the 2nd, Oil think they're coming back - since they discovered the secret to beating Demmers. Trip him behind the net and get a goal.

Demko got tripped there... that should not be a good goal.


Doesn't matter. Taco is willing to play the long game - the long stare of disdain game.

That 2nd Oil goal, as stinky as it looked, was their last goal of the game. They thought they had a 3rd goal, but Hollo-way was seen kicking the puck into the net during and CoTU said no kicking behind Demmers back - this time.

A few minutes later, Hogz pounces on a juicy Skinnerly rebound and snaps it past the Skinned goalie.

Only gets worse for the tOilers as the period ends with the Nucks leading 4-2.

Oilers squeezing sticks like employees at a Swedish massage joint…


In the 3rd, only the Nucks score to put the icing on the ass-kicking they delivered to McFrustrated and the McWhiners.

Nucks win going away, 6-2 over the 2-8-1 not that slick Oil.

after that utterly putrid start, DemVez saves the team, and they calmly proceed to demolish the tOilers on both the goal count and the spiritual wellbeing

I thoroughly enjoyed that



McD got so frustrated with Miller ghosting him like a velcro voodoo doll that he started roughing up Miller - was going to fight Miller and the NHL underwriters were nervous. Instead Hyman jumps JT.

McD has not scored a goal since Oct. 17th. You know how many goals he has thru 12 games? Two. Know how many Nucks have more goals than him?

Every Canuck skater, but Josh and Gnarly. That's how you spell McGloomie.

Anyhow... could you imagine the NM outrage if our entire top line was in the box when the game is on the line.

Oil fans must be burning their sunk cost oil tonight. DrySaddler wrangled a 10 min misconduct, McWhinny 2 mins for whinny crosschecking and Hyman 2 mins for rough housing - all in the bin together.

Also fun fact: Woodcroft got himself ejected from the game late in the 3rd. You can't make this stuff up. And neither am I.

GREAT FACTS: Game 12 Edition

  • Demko is the top goalie in the NHL. Numero Uno, baby. 7 wins, 1.61 GA and .948 SV%
  • Pete is the scoring leader in the NHL with 21 points. 6 goals and 15 assists.
  • Huggie is the highest scoring D in the league with 20 points and tied for 2nd overall. 3 Appies and a goal in this game. Huggie is putting himself in Hall-of-Famer level with his 20 points thru 12 games.
  • The Canucks 9-2-1 record after 12 games is the best Nucking start since... forever. Or 1970, which is close enough.
  • And, the most important stat in hockey, the DIFF. The Nucks DIFF is an astonishing PLUS +30. PLUS! 30!


The 1 John and 1 Dave call this Tough Taco game.


20 1st 8
13 2nd 11
13 3rd 11
42 TOTAL 36
DEMKO 33 / 34 6 / 7 40 / 42 .952


Our candidate for Coach of the Year is pretty pleased with the team's Taco Tough mindset

"“I think the mindset of the team...I think for me, every day is a different day. Maybe we've had a bad game — like maybe not the greatest game — or we've had a really good game, and the next day it just seems, I don’t know, like a business-like approach. And I give them a lot of credit. I don't see the highs and lows around here. Yeah, you feel good about yourself confidence-wise. But it seems the next day, it seems like guys get back on track really quick. Sometimes you can get a little (like a) roller-coaster, but I haven't seen that with his team.”

Rick Taco

Your Vancouver Canucks - it's ok to call them yours now - have collected 19 of 24 points after a dozen games - only 1 of which was a stinky eastern province road game.

And your Nucks are now heading out east again for a tour of Canada. Thursday night afternoon they play the Sens. And because it's the most important game in the universe - play CoTU in CoTU on Saturday afternoon - HNIC prime cringe time. Followed by a Sunday afternoon in Montreal. Très Chic!

This is why the 3rd best team in the league needed to bank those points early, and thankfully, often. Because as Westy likes to point out - with a pointy 10-20-2 record against the east last year - Nucks need to beat the east.

This season is very different than last season. So different, so far, we wouldn't be totally nutz-o-phonic to expect some Tough Taco road wins during the hungry Nucks road show to feast on the east. Bon Appétit!


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