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Slice 'n Dice 'n Humble Sharks 10-1

November 2, 2023
- jimmi

Remember when the Nucks would go on a hot streak, then play down to a weaker team and lose?

I want to say... me neither. But we remember all too well - all too often.

Even our 2nd 3rd most optimistic contributor, Westy, cautioned us about the Nucks of yore in the game preview.

Games like tonight are must win. They must beat these lower teams and get the two points. Playing down or up to the level of the competition has not worked out well in years past. It's time to take care of business in these types of games.

Westy Preview

Westy speaks and the Shark Tank quivers. And the Nucks respond by not taking their heavy heavy foot off the go pedal all game. Well... all but the last few minutes. Apparently, if Demmers got his 2nd SO in a week, the team would have to walk his dog for month. Or walk like a dog. Or block all the shots for 10 games. I forget.

Whatever. This was a giant overachieving blowout over the worst team in the NHL. How bad are the winless Sharks this season? The Nucks scored 10 goals in the game. The Sharklettes have scored 10 goals - over 10 games. Sheesh. Maybe they heard Bedard has a younger brother in next year's draft.


The Nucking PP went 4 for 5. Got the 1st couple goals of the game early in the 1st - on the same 4 minute power play. Game was over then. Millsie with GWG.

The Nucking PK was almost perfect, but for that last one. Demmers only got scored on because he was interfered with - Taco chose not to challenge leading by 10-1.

Oh well... Win by 10 or 9 goals or win by 1 goal. It's the same 2 points in the end.

Or is it? Much more fun to watch all boyz light up the tank. But there's NHL supplies to consider...

I hope they have spare bulbs with the goal judge tonight.


Bess got 2 goals - both on the PP. And new Bo got his 1st and 2nd goals of the season. Huggie got a goal and 4 apples - and took 3 penalties. Taco didn't bench him tho. Playing favs? Maybe, since Capt'n Quinn tied a Nucking record for the most points in a single game by a single D.

Miller, Kuz, Miki, Laff, Suter all got a goal. Hard to keep track. here's the screenie of all the points. So many...


Not many times has a Canucks team scored 10 goals or more in a game. The record is 11 goals - over 30 years ago in 1992.

Still only the 8th time in Nucks sorried history they scored 10 in a game. Nucks are the only NHL team this season to score 8 or more goals in a game through 10 bouts of scorehockey fever.

Taco Talk

Big win, little win, just win with the Tough Taco method.

"I think the power play kind of set the tone. We had three, four power-play goals. I think that really kind of set up the game for us. We were moving the puck well and obviously scoring some goals." - Coach Tough Taco

Definitely scored some goals. Let's watch them all. Over and over. So pretty.

30 MINUTE HIGHLIGHT REEL (10 minutes... but still)

The one John and the new guy are in SJ and lighting up the boards.

The Nucks have scored 46 goals through 10 games. If you're a statsematician, you'll correctly calculate and extrapolate, infer, interpolate and deduce the Nucks are on target to score 377 goals this season.

Wouldn't that be nice.

Doesn't matter. Nucks are only behind the Knighties in the Pacific.

Also... with this whale of a win, Nucks have achieved a 7-2-1 record in the 1st ten games. Only the 3rd time in over half a century of Nucking starts has that happened. Impressive start for the new coaching staff and invigorated team.

As much fun as this was, on Saturday, Nucks face the not-worst team in the league. The tough out Stars will be hoping to extend their 3 game win streak in the ROG. The Tough Taco Nucks may not let them.

Interesting start to the month. Let's enjoy the giddies, kiddies, while we can.


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