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Game Recap #1: NUCKS Besser, Bash, Blast and Blowout McOil 8-1!!!!!!!!

October 12, 2023
- jimmi

Welcome back NM!

To Nucking Hockey - like we always dreamed of. A long, long time ago.

Sure, we were a little apprehensive to the start of the 1st game, the 1st home game of the season. But this season is different - so we were told. This season, it's a Tough Taco tough checking, low event team.

Sure, we've heard it all before. But what if?

I know, dare to believe is doom in our Nucking reality. However, before the game I thought the best way to nay the naysayers, was for the Nucks to win the game in tough-checking 2-1 style. But it's the McOil, they're hyper-allegic to low event games. So expect a higher scoring game.

And so it was. A tough-checking, high scoring blowout. For the NUCKS!

I'm not making this up.

Just check the stats... I know... looks like Westy's fantasy statsboard.

Power Plays 1/4 3/6
Penalty Shots 0/0 0/0
Hits 21 22
Faceoffs Won 35 28
Giveaways 5 7
Takeaways 1 7
Shots Blocked 10 13
Penalty Minutes 17 13

It's just one game. But wooooooo! What a game. Only 81 more to play the same way. How hard can that be?

The game began, as is home opener tradition, with the 1st period. A period the Nucks dominated. No, really.

Gnarly got the 1st goal of the game off a perfect lofty pass from Pete.

Trade Garland now!!!!


Then Brock scored his 1st of the season from the hard forechecking duo of JT and PDG. But not his last of the season.

2-0 Nucks after 1. No, really, the Nucks have the dreaded 2 goal lead.

The 2nd starts where Brock left off. Scoring a goal.

Sqwee! Boeser for Art Ross!


And another.

HATTIE. Oh Brock.


Brock's not done yet, but the Nucking PK, which was perfect in the 1st, was required by NHL rules to allow McDrySaddie to score.

Nucks lead 4-1 and still playing like they don't care about NHL's backroom rules as Pete scores on the Nucks PP.

4 goal lead renewed. 5-1 Nucks after 2. Yes, the dreaded 4 goal lead is twice as dreaded as the other dreaded lead.

On a scale of one to oh comfortable are we that the Nucks can hold this lead?


Turns out, quite comfortable. Not the game thread, just the tough checking Nucks.

In the 3rd period, the Nucks didn't worry about blowing the lead. Nope. They were focused on blowing-out the lead.

Brock scores another! 4 goals in one game! You know what that means? Cue the spooky music...

Hope Save On has the cheque ready...


Turns out Brock did almost get 5.

But, Millise got his 1st PP goal of the season. The highest scoring petulant child stars in hockey kept taking stupid penalties because, oh my, the frustration. DryTemper took a cross checking and slashing call - deliberately. And McD got a cross checking sin bin trip, because... ah... so frustrating. And poor little superstar whined about the Nucks putting out the 1st unit on Dry's 1st penalty. Hello! Take cheapshots, take the results. Poor little pumpkin.

Joshua got the last goal of the game from the efforts of Laffer and Hogz.

On the last couple Nucks PP, Taco did start with the 2nd unit, because we didn't want 11 goals. Only maybe needed them.

Not till we're leading 11-1....


Taco pulled Demmers late in the 3rd. Demmers went straight down the tunnel. Game thread was hushed in horror. Or heck.

What the heck Demko.


Turns out Demmers caught Pete's flu bug. He actually barfed in his mask. Taco pulled him and gave DeSmith some glory time to post his 1st SO of the season.

Nucks wrap up their first single game home stand with an 8-1 WIN!!!



Are you kidding me?! This is the largest goal margin win by any Nucks team in the long and sorry Nucking history of winning their 1st game of the season.

There were no passengers on the Nucks. Everyone played hard and kept to Tough Taco system but for a brief 90 second hemmed in their end interlude. Even Myers. Sure, he had the obligatory visit to his old summer cabin bin, but he finished the game with a +2. No, really.


Felt so good to watch BROCKSTAR send Brockets off his stick, his leg and hockey bat.


VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS - Actual High, High, Highlights

Not even the Oil-homers from HNIC can diminish this astounding Nucking win. A win that chocked us up a little as well as the rah-rah-oil HNIC commenters.

So it begins...

Not too bad start to the season. But the next game. Is on the road. Against the petulant superbrats. We can expect a proper brutal game from the highest scoring sore losers in hockey with some West Edmonton mall shenanigans.

Doesn't matter.

If... and it's that ginormous iffyness that has plagued this team for years, if the Nucks can keep playing Tough Taco style, winning the boards, neutral ice, forechecking like puckhounds possessed, then the Nucks might start their road trip with a small loss. Not a huuuuuuge blowout, eh.

UPDATE - Now boarding the Diff Train:


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