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Canucks memorable games of 2022-23 season

June 1, 2023
- Westy

I went through the list of games this year that we were forced to endure during this losing season. Some stood out more than others and not for the best of reasons. Here are my categories and games.

Best win of the year – November 26, 2022- Canucks 5 Vegas 1 Five days earlier, the Canucks blew a 2 goal lead in the 3rd and lost 5-4 to the Golden Knights. On this night though, the Canucks scored 3 early powerplay goals and Spencer Martin did his best stone wall imitation to lead the Canucks to a 5-1 win. All lines were involved in scoring and the team played physical as Joshua and Garland both got into fights in the 3rd to keep the spirits up and close the door on Vegas

The win they had no right to win – March 18, 2023 – Canucks 3 Kings 2 SO

While Brock put the Canucks up 1-0, it went against the flow of the game which saw the Kings out shoot the Canucks 40-17. Thatcher Demko stopped a penalty shot in the 2nd period before a fluke deflection got past him. Finally Petey rifled one home in the third to tie the game and get the Canucks into O/T. I’m not sure how the Kings didn’t score 5 more against the Canucks…I mean Demko stood on his head and gave this team a chance to get to shootout, where Kuz and Miller beat Korpisalo to steal the 2nd point.

Worst loss of the year - January 18, 2023 Canucks 2 Tampa Bay 5

If I told you that the Canucks had a 50% powerplay night with multiple goals and didn’t allow a powerplay goal against, plus they dominated possession (67% CF 5vs5), you would ask how much they won by, right?

The Nucks only had one penalty and outshot the lightning 39-25 and had 78% offensive zone starts. So what the fuck happened? Lots and lots of coverage errors in the defensive end and on Lightning rushes. Guys would literally leave lightning players wide open and chase the puck. Pure garbage play. Bruce there it was….and he was let go 2 games later.

Loss that shouldn’t have happened – Nov 5, 2022 Canucks 3 Nashville 4. SO

There is something about the Canucks and jumping out to a big lead in the 1st period. The Canucks had the 5th most goals in the 1st period and then the 3rd most goals against in the 2nd period. The Canucks scored 3 early goals in the 1st period and then couldn’t score again. Nashville chipped away and were able to win in a shootout. Painful to watch in so many ways.

Win that felt the best – Apr 8th Nucks 3 Calgary 2 SO

Calgary was fighting for the final wildcard spot, while Vancouver was just playing games to fulfill they contracts. With the Flames having Marky, Tanev and Toffoli, there is always a sense of “what if” for Canuck fans. Having the Flames make the playoffs last year was painful as well. The Canucks jumped to a 2-0 1st period lead only to have Calgary score 2 in the third. The Flames were hungry for the second point as they knew a loss would surely cripple their chance to make the playoffs. The Flames outshot the Canucks by 10 and dominated most of the stats, but Demko got the Canucks through O/T and stopped every shot after Kuz scored in the shootout.

Fuck Calgary

Loss that made me drink – Jan 10, 2023 Canucks 4 Pittsburgh 5

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…..

Canucks score 3 goals in the first 7:04 of the 1st period and it seems like they are going to blow out the competition. And then Vancouver remembers that they are playing Pittsburgh. There have been a few times where the Pens have played rope a dope with the Nucks. Crosby and Malkin seem to wake up for a few minutes and destroy Vancouver. The Nucks couldn’t score on the 5 PP chances and they allowed 2 PP goals against. Stupid.


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