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Western Conference Round Two: Canucks vs Oilers Game 1

May 8, 2024
- Westy

We all knew this series was coming and now we get to see how the Canucks do against a very good Oilers team.

It is hard to express the relief I felt after game 6 in Nashville. Even after the Canucks season and their ability to bounce back from losses, I had doubts that playoff Canucks could do the same thing. The Canucks were able to survive goaltending fuckery and a Nashville team that hit everything that moved on the ice.

I would like to say that my doubts are all but gone, but that would be a big fat lie. All that hard work in round one, just to get to round two and an Oilers team that was favored by some NHL writers to win a cup this year. The Oilers have speed, skill and a hunger after getting knocked out of the playoffs several years in a row. The Canucks have confidence they can compete with a team they beat 4 times this year. Vegas oddsmakers do not share that confidence. The Canucks need Petey to wake up....they need Miller to distract...they need Joshua to hit and the team should not take stupid penalties. Sounds easy.

The time for words is done. This series is the true test for the Canucks and hopefully it's great hockey.

Game Day Battle Hymn

Do we really need a song to get hyped up for this series? Someone said yes...fine. A step away from the usual metal song leads to this. The Canucks need to play with some craziness against the Coilers, to throw Edmonton off their game.

Go Canucks Go!


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