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GAME RECAP #47: NUCKS WIN! Shutout the Little Fawkers 2-0 in the ROG!

January 22, 2024
- jimmi

Kuz Spins onto the Apples Cart and Demmers Saves the Game For the Final 50+ Mins!

Coming off the Most Important Game and Win in the Universe on Saturday, the Nucks might have seen this Monday night game as one of the least important.

However, the Suter/Miki/Kuz line were still giddy from tormenting the CoTU, possibly using online stache memes. Whatever.

The Nucks 2nd line was the team's best line. Kuz was spinning to win. Spun and setup Suter with the tap-in GWG - not even 2 minutes into the game!

Wooo Suter! Great pass by Kuz!


Kuz helped setup Huggie's All Star All World Bar Down snipe.

Kuz might get to play next game


Nucks took a few (alot?) too many penalties and too few shots on their own PP.

Well that was definitely either a trip or interference… either works.

Low Horsecollar?


Nucks PP wasn't going to win this game. Doesn't matter. Nucks PK was perfect on 5 perfect kills.

Nucks led 2-0 after 1. Still leading 2-0 after 2. And still had the 2-0 lead after 3.

It's Demmer's 5th shutout of the season!

Coasting Thoughts

Been a shorter game with even better energy management if they had just called it after the first 6 mins of the first. But oh well... Nucks get another 2 points and regain top spot in the league. Extend their all insane record to 29-0-1 when leading after 2.

Nucks top line, formerly known as the Lotto Line, was coasting through the game. They've earned their energy management games. This sure seemed liked one as Bess had no shots, Pete and JT had 1 each. Shortest TOI of 14 mins for JT in months. Energy managed.

To be fair, the rest of the Nucks were managing their energy / shift times, altho... some extra Nucks wanted some extra time - too many men was called. Taco thought that sorta too much crap penalty was last month's problem.

Doesn't matter when Demmers is the best PKer in the ROG.


So good to hear Shortie again. And the Nucks to beat the little fawks.



9 1st 12
10 2nd 7
12 3rd 10
31 TOTAL 29


SUTER 1 +2
Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 31 31 1.00


"I love shutouts! I'd rather win 2-nothing than 8-4, any day of the week."

Beating the Chicago BileHawks at home, even if it's not the most important game of the season, is still very satisfying.

The next game is on Wednesday against the Bluezers, who were the catalyst for the best Nucking road trip we've seen in decades or ever. Best way to thank them, is to outplay, outscore them in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods.

Will Taco keep JT, Petey and Bess together for this bookend game? Let's find out.

Is this it for the Lotto Line reunion tour?


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