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GAME Preview / GameThread #33: Canucks vs Preds

December 19, 2023
- jimmi


TV: Sportsnet Pacific, Bally Sports South

Radio: Sportsnet 650

'Twas the night before the grab bag of nights before Xmas. Or so the Nucks holiday road tour rhyme goes. But who knows?

We've all been looking forward to this game - not just because it's the last time the Nucks play the Preds, but pretty much that's the reason.

The Nucks have won the previous games this season - Oct. 24 (3-2 W, road), Oct. 31 (5-2 W, home). The home game win was fun as Scary Pete put up a hattie. Then the somber 500 games of November took their toll.

Tonight's dinner game has the Nucks, possibly on the up-and-up and playing the Taco Tough Technique again.

Don't expect any roster changes... not that or Nucks PR will let us know... they're all out to lunch or dinner.

Instead we can review the season uppers and downers thus far - courtesy of


  • Most Goals Scored, Game: 10, Nov. 2/23 at SJS
  • Most Goals Scored, Period: 4, 2x, Nov. 2/23 at SJS, 1st and 2nd period
  • Most Goals Allowed, Game: 6, Dec. 5/23 vs NJD
  • Most Goals Allowed, Period: 4, Dec. 5/23 vs NJD, 1st period
  • Fewest Goals Scored, Game: 0, Oct. 17 at PHI
  • Fewest Goals Allowed, Game: 0, 4x, Latest Dec. 14/23 vs FLA
  • Most PPG Scored, Game: 4, Nov. 2/23 at SJS
  • Most PPG Allowed, Game: 3, Oct. 28/23 vs NYR
  • Most SHG Scored, Game: 1, 4x, Latest Nov. 24/23 at SEA
  • Most SHG Allowed, Game: 0
  • Most Shots, Game: 43, Nov. 15/23 vs NYI
  • Most Shots, Period: 19, Oct. 27/23 vs STL, 1st period
  • Fewest Shots, Game: 16, 2x, Latest Nov. 9/23 at OTT
  • Fewest Shots, Period: 1, Dec. 14/23 vs FLA, 3rd period
  • Most Shots Allowed, Game: 44, Nov. 30/23 vs VGK
  • Most Shots Allowed, Period: 22, Oct. 17/23 at PHI, 2nd period
  • Fewest Shots Allowed, Game: 18, Oct. 24/23 at NSH
  • Fewest Shots Allowed, Period: 2, Nov. 24/23 at SEA, 3rd period
  • Most Hits, Game: 33, 2x, Latest Dec. 5/23 vs NJD
  • Fewest Hits, Game: 7, Nov. 2/23 at SJS
  • Most Blocked Shots, Game: 25, Oct. 14/23 at EDM
  • Fewest Blocked Shots, Game: 2, Oct. 27/23 vs STL
  • Largest Margin of Victory: 9 goals, Nov. 2/23 at SJS (10-1 W)
  • Largest Margin of Defeat: 3 goals, 4x, Latest Nov. 30/23 vs VGK
  • Longest Win Streak: 5 games, Oct. 31/23 – Nov. 9/23
  • Longest Point Streak: 9 games, Oct. 21/23 – Nov. 9/23
  • Longest Winless Streak: 2 games, 2x, Latest Nov. 16/23 - Nov. 18/23
  • Longest Pointless Streak: 2 games, 2x, Latest Nov. 16/23 - Nov. 18/23


  • Score 4+ Goals: 16-1-0
  • Score 3 Goals or Less: 5-8-2
  • Allow 4+ Goals: 0-8-1
  • Allow 3 Goals or Less: 21-1-1
  • Scoring First: 16-4-0
  • Allowing First Goal: 5-5-2
  • On 0 Days Rest: 2-2-1
  • On 1 Day Rest: 10-5-1
  • On 2 Days Rest: 8-2-0
  • On 3+ Days Rest: 1-0-0
  • Score a PPG: 12-4-1
  • Give up a PPG: 11-5-1
  • 25 or More Shots on Goal: 13-6-2
  • Less than 25 shots: 8-3-0

Note the standout stat? On 3+ Days Rest: 1-0-0, hilarious stat! Nucks only had 3+ days rest once this season. Thanks NHL Schedulators.


Jordi Savall is my fav Viol and Viola de Gamba player. And musical genius. Sure, he's a bit old skool, but 300 year old tunes sound just as fresh today as they did before the league of record companies expanded the genre curve to infinity. Also, while it sounds old, he wrote this improv piece barely a decade ago. Bon Appetit!

Go Coconuts!


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