Come For The Banter - Stay For The Disappointment
Nucks Fan Rebuild & Retool Center - Come For The Banter - Stay For The Disappointment

Quick podcast to cover the news...and I mean quick.

Enjoy a brief morning podcast

Hi everyone!

For some reason, some of you wanted to hear my voice again. Here are my thoughts as the Canucks reach the halfway point of the season.

The next homestand might be a very tough one for the Canucks.

Westy, the NM Hockey Factoid machine, is joined by jimmi, the NM hockey altoid dispenser. Our first collaboration. Or conflagration when Kent finds out.

Enjoy the spoken word Nucking therapy.

A quick recap of the road trip and if I believe it was a good trip or not.

The unofficial official podcast for this website is here.

I made a podcast today....I had 10 minutes. Take a listen, then go about the rest of your day.

The Canucks are pretty good, eh.

You can listen to it HERE.

You can come back to this post to complain....or ask questions.


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