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GAME RECAP #14: NUCKS WIN - Embarrassing CoTU 5-2 LOSS!

November 11, 2023
- jimmi

It was inevitable. To Lose. A Game. But to lose in the CoTU is excruciating.

Excruciating, but not surprising, Since 2012, Nucks record in CoTU is 1 win in 12.

When a Nucks win streak bubble bursts it's never pretty. Don't mind so much if the Nucks played to their capabilities, but get edged 3-2 on a bad bounce in the last minute of OT.

But not a loss like this in CoTU while HNIC is gloating about their stars.

Didn't start horrible. Nucks got 2 PP goals in the 1st and led 2-1 after 1. Normally - just pretend the 5-game win streak was normal - normally the Nucks taking a commanding 1 goal lead into the 2nd equals an even more commanding lead after 2 or 3. Just not tonight this afternoon(ish).


How bad was it? Sloppy, not sharp.

Pete is playing through something and slipped into a few CoTU gravity wells. And despite getting a point, ended this demoralizing loss with a minus -3. Not just him either. Huggie was a -2, looked nervous under the glare of the CoTU - and made a few uncharacteristic Chaos plays.

Sloppy play. Later we'll hear Taco talk about not having enough practices recently. Without practices, Nucks get sloppy.

That's the Nucks CoTU game's theme: Get Sloppy.

Also... the Laffs stole all the Nucks win streak luck with 4 of their own lucky bounces. Nylander got behind Demko and banked the puck in off alternate goalie, Chaos Myers. Top-corner snipe by Noah and his arcing shot, gifted backhand goal by Robertson after Huggie lost/passed the puck in his own slot, and an unwitting deflection by the heir Kampf after a center ice Miffler.

Still no excuse, unless you get lucky. Some say you make your own puck luck. Maybe the Nucks didn't pack enough ingredients for an extended eastern luck puckering. Or the AC puck luck handlers left a lucky puck luck bag in Van. That's unlucky.


I don't have to mention this was on HNIC - so if you watch - mute the sound. Also... only watch the 1st period as that was the only period where we had a lead and hope.

STATS (Really?)



I'm too miffed to type Taco Talk... just listen to the toughness yourself.


The 5 game win streak is over. Extinguished in front of over 18,000 smug CoTU fans. That could sting for a bit. But there's no time for misery. I know, at NM we've always had time after time for misery, but not this time.

Time to move on to Le Habbadabareenie habitat. The Habs just beat Bahston and will be feeling pretty smug. And tired. Hopefully really tired and ready to play as sloppy as fake poutine at an Oak Bay eatery.

If not, then the sloppy Nucks better get back on their sharp and crisp play horse to ride off with another win on this tour of eastern darkness. Très Bon, no?


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