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Defeat Sens 5-2 On The Road!

November 9, 2023
- jimmi

NUCKS WIN Going Away. But still... not their best game.

You know what, any road win in the eastern provinces is a great game.

Game started out as the best road game - ever. Maybe. Just 15 seconds in, PDG passes to Brock and Brock puts the puck in the goalie's glove. Play continued. For too long. It's fine for the goalie to catch the puck with his glove. Not quite as fine if the glove holding the puck is behind the goal line. It's a goal!

A few moments later, Sens cough up the puck to the Super Pete line. That's a mistake - that Miki blasts past the shot-shocked Forsberg. Ok, he wasn't really shot-shocked. It was the 3rd Nucks shot of the period. Shot efficiency is the new scoring mojo. Who knew?

Nucks out to the commanding 2 goal lead early in the 1st. Good looking road start.

Those in the game thread - who skipped out of afternoon work - thought so too.

This is the first time in a lot of years that every time the puck is in our end I don't expect us to go down by one more.


Nice sentiment. However, a few minutes later, Cole can't wrangle a bouncing puck, but Blatherson can. And whips it past DeSmith.

Nucks take a 2-1 lead in the afternoon break.

In the 2nd, a terrible thing happens to Pete. He scores on a deflection. Why's that so bad? Because he deflected a harmless Sens shot past DeSmith. Ouch! Pete is pissed and determined to atone. And does. A bit later.

Doesn't matter than the Sens tied the game or that youngest Upchuk miffed on his chance.

What matters is that Ronnie setup up PDF who setup JT to score the GWG.

Nucks finish the 2nd with their 2nd commanding 1 goal lead.

A lead they extended. Repeatedly.

Pete atones for his unintentional deflection with a non-kicking, intentional redirection from Miki. 4-2 Nucks.

Gotta look at it, but hopefully no kicking motion.


Only a kick in the Sens chance of coming back.

Then ChikChikron high sticks Gnarland - with Gnarland's own stick. Doesn't matter. He's in the box. For a very short stay.

So short that Ferrero - who loves the sound of his own voice uttering useless stats - he's interrupted right off the face off. 2 second Nucks PP. Hilarious to watch as Shortie cuts him off with a new stat. A Pete rocket PP goal.


Nucks win! On the road! With not their best effort. Doesn't matter.

Nucks killed all their penalties. Both of them. And scored on 1 of their 3 PP. I like that balanced stat.

The win streak is at 5 games. And climbing? We'll see.


The Canucks - your Taco-powered 2023 Edition - just set a record for the fastest run to 10 wins in all of Canucks history!

  • Pete leads the league in points with 24. Has 7 goals and 17 assists
  • Huggie leads all NHL Defensemen with 21 points. 5 goals and 16 assists. And a gawdy plus +17.
  • Brock has 11 goals and 5 assists. He only had 19 goals all last season. He's back!
  • JT has 20 points, 8 goals and 12 assists. He's a plus+11.


The Nucks have the highest PDO in the league at 108.8. Some analypskis claim this isn't sustainable. Probably right, but if the Tough Taco methods continue, we can expect them to stay above 100 most of the season.

Nucks have the best DIFF in the league. Now at +33!

Lead the league in avg goals per game at 4.5. Don't lead the league in shots per game... because they don't have to. Efficiency, talent and Tough Taco tactics is all they need. And some luck. But they say you can make your own now. There's a YT video about that.

Capitol Video Reel

Shortie is paired with Ray Ferrero for the game coverage. Interesting... and later on... hilarious. But you knew that.


11 1st 3
7 2nd 7
12 3rd 6
30 TOTAL 16


“For me, it's a little bit easier because when I go in (to the dressing room) between periods, my temperament, I know those guys know that we didn't play (well),” Tocchet told reporters. “I don't have to get mad. Like, they know. Maybe in the past, I would have been a little bit more heated. But I'm comfortable with the leadership group and (how) they're handling the resiliency, which is a good thing. But we've got to be careful. We've got to make sure we play a 60-minute game because ... where our record is, teams want to beat us now. It's a different standard a little bit, right? It's only, what 13 or 14 games in? But teams are going to be ready for us and we've got to make sure we match that desperation.”

Rick Taco

That was a pretty fun afternoon game. Despite the odd giveaways - which were a third of the Sens. Despite the low shot count, despite some miscues and/or mistercues, the Nucks did what they had to. Beat the East!

Next up Nucks travel to the most important belly in the universe in the most important city in the universe. Nucks play CoTU on HNIC at 3:30 in the afternoon on Saturday. That's just great.

At NM, we're hungry and greedy. Let's keep bibs tight and plays sharp as the Nucks feast on the east.


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